A man can sail in the forecastles of big ships all his life and never know what real sailing is.¬†Barring captains and mates of big ships, the small-boat sailor is the real sailor.” – Jack London, American author and sailor, 1912

The joy of sailing is something that needs to truly be experienced to be described properly. Here at the British Offshore Sailing School we’re lucky enough to witness this experience every day.¬†For many, learning to sail is a dream come true; and BOSS are happy to be able to offer a wide range of courses for all skill groups, from absolute beginners to qualified skippers.

If you want to learn to sail but don’t know where to start, whether you’ve never touched a boat or are simply out to hone your skills, the Infographic below details everything you need to know about choosing the right sailing course for you.

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Source: British Offshore Sailing School