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RYA Radar Course Syllabus 

Course duration - The minimum duration of the RYA Radar course is one day and is suitable for both yachtsmen and motor boaters. This RYA course gives an insight to the uses of radar to assist in navigation and aid in collision avoidance.

Pre-course knowledge - Nil

1. Basic understanding of radar wave propagation

          Conditions giving rise to abnormal propagation 

2. Radar set components

          Function and correct use of controls

          Correct setting up procedure 

3. Target definition and discrimination

          Spot size, pulse length and beam width

          Target characteristics, size, shape, material

          False echoes

          Shadow sectors, shadow diagram

 4. Radar reflectors

          Passive and active

5. Types of radar display

          Azimuth stabilization 

6. Radar plotting

          The use of radar to avoid a close quarter situation

          Appreciation of IRPCS, action to be taken in reduced visibility

          General precautions and action to be taken in fog 

7. Use of radar as an aid to navigation

          Radar-conspicuous targets, need for positive identification

          Parallel indexing (if provided)

8. Accuracy in range and bearing

          PPI distortion. Non-linearity

          Heading marker alignment

          Checking accuracy of VRM, EBL etc 

9. General safety precautions in using equipment

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