At the British Offshore Sailing School, we’ve developed a series of special Master Classes designed for those who are really looking to hone their sailing skills. If you’ve identified an area that you would like to improve, then we can help. With classes in boat handling, sail trim and advanced skippering , you can be sure to take your skills to the next level – becoming a more confident and competent sailor.

 So, let’s say you are getting ready to go on a family holiday and you want to learn more about how to handle your boat, or you are working hard to become an instructor, then a BOSS Master Class will help you develop the skills you need to achieve your goals.

The BOSS Master Classes take place over a two day weekend and differ from the RYA courses in that each one is specific to a particular set of skills. Take a look at how these Master Classes will help.

 Boat Handling

 Maintaining control of your boat in close quarter mooring situations can be a real challenge, particularly when you don’t quite have the required skills or confidence to achieve a slick manoeuvre. The last thing you want to do is cause damage to your own boat, or indeed someone else’s pride and joy. Bad yacht manoeuvres can cause your crew a lot of distress too. This is where the Boat Handling Master Class is ideal.

You’ll look at the characteristics which affect how a yacht handles under power and will be taught how to successfully manoeuvre and moor in variety of wind and tidal conditions. By the end of the weekend you will have a real understanding of why the yacht behaves in a particular way, giving your boat handling a high level of control and predictability.


Do you ever feel as through your yacht just isn’t sailing as well as it should? Well this Master Class teaches you how to get optimum performance out of your sails. With the help and guidance of our professional instructors, we’ll focus on rig tune and the finer details of setting and trimming the mainsail, headsail as well as how they work together. You will also work with spinnakers, learning how to hoist, drop and gybe with optimum control. This practical Master Class is designed to teach you more about the power of sails and develop your confidence with sail handling and “flying!” spinnakers and cruising chutes.

Qualified Skippers

For those who already hold a skippers qualification, finding the time to practice your skills when you go on a cruising weekend or holiday often proves almost impossible. The sheer pleasure of sailing and socialising with friends on board, seldom allows for sufficient time to practice the “serious” side of yachting; or perhaps you just don’t go out on the water as often as you’d like. We understand that finding time to work on basic skills and higher level techniques can sometimes be a little tricky, so we’ve developed this Master Class to give you the chance to really focus on your weak areas.

It’s the ideal way to top up your skills and develop new techniques to take with you the next time you’re at sea. Some of the specific areas that we get asked to cover include; advanced sail handling, secondary port calculations, pilotage, blind (fog) navigation and man overboard and emergency procedures. So if you want to really focus on your skills, the Qualified Skippers class is perfect for you.

Get in touch with BOSS today to arrange your place on one of our Masterclasses by calling + 44 (0) 2380 457733 or sending us an email.