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Professional Practices and Responsibilities course

This online course is designed for skippers who wish to hold the commercial endorsement and work in a professional capacity onboard a vessel. Whatever your job is on board, in the commercial world you are a professional seafarer. As such, you are no different from the captain of a cruise liner and you have a duty of care to crew, passengers, and other water users. As a professional seafarer you will be held to account if things go wrong. The course will give you a clear understanding of professional practices and your responsibilities. You can enrol onto this course here and all the course material is included online. The course is broken down into four modules and you can book on now by clicking on the BOOK button in the top right hand corner of the page

  • Commercial Environment

- Showing how you fit into the professional maritime world.

  • People

 - Explaining the importance of correct manning, keeping your skills up to date and the safe management of commercial vessels

  • Vessel

- Teaching about the compulsory carriage and maintenance of safety equipment and how to create and implement risk control and operating procedure

  • Purpose

- Making sure your vessel is suitable and legal for the work you are carrying out, your obligations in protecting the environment, appropriate planning and situational awareness

The PPR course material, tests and certification is available online will cost £39.50. You can enrol anytime prior to application or renewal of your Commercial Endorsement. When you pass, your PPR certificate will be valid either for your first Commercial Endorsement application or your next renewal

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