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RYA Interactive CEVNI Test - European Code for Inland Waterways (Code Europeen des Voies de la Navigation Interieure) governs navigation on all interconnected waterways of Europe. The CEVNI is the "highway code of the inland waterways" and provides a set of signs, rules and procedures. Anyone skippering a vessel on inland waterways of Europe (not including the UK) should have passed the CEVNI test which is an addition to the International Certificate of Competence (ICC). The CEVNI assessment resides on our section of the RYA e-learning website, once you enrol you will be sent a key which provides you with full access including practice tests to help you check if you're ready for the real test. You can use this area to practice and your scores are not recorded.

The CEVNI RYA Interactive assessment test takes about 20 minutes and can also be tested during the Helmsman's, ICC, Day Skipper or Coastal Skipper courses. If you already have your ICC then the CEVNI assessment test is available both online or can be taken at Hamble every Friday afternoon, or by arrangement. There are 14 multiple choice format questions based on sign recognition Test yourself before you take the assessment .

A full copy of the rules is very longwinded and most people will not read through them. A summary of CEVNI is set out in the RYA "CEVNI Handbook" which is more suitable for skippers of leisure craft than the full rule book


PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU DO NOT GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE CEVNI TEST, WHEN YOU BOOK ONLINE. We need to set you up with a profile on the RYA interactive website and email you log in details before you can begin. Bookings will be processed during office hours Monday - Friday 09:00hrs - 17:00hrs. If you make a booking over a weekend, please be aware that you will not be able to access the course until Monday. Thank you for your patience


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