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DofE - Sailing Expedition Aims

DofE Sailing Expedition icon As you will be aware, your DofE sailing expedition will have an expedition aim and we refer to the gathering and recording of information during the expedition as "Aim Work". It is best to have some idea of what your expedition aims might be and how you intend to carry out your aim work this in advance.

A good aim will be something that appeals to the whole group. If possible, it is best for you to discuss potential aims and carry out some pre planning in advance. Every expedition is different and when planning a sailing expedition in UK waters the tide will have a strong influence on when and where you go. Remember, It's not just about going sailing and pre planning will be essential.

As a DofE Approved Activity Provider (AAP), we are committed to helping you towards achieving your DofE Silver or Gold award. Sailing Expeditions offer you an almost infinite number of possibilities, depending on the experience level and interests of your team. To help you with your aim work we have listed a few broad ideas of what you can do and where you could do it.

There are also some examples of group presentations. If you are unsure about how the tides might affect the expedition then discuss this with your DofE Supervisor or contact one of our expedition advisors. Here are just a few broad ideas of what you can do and where you could do it.

DofE Sailing Expedition Aims

  • Hydrographic survey

  • Comparison of traditional navigation and the use of electronic navigation aids

  • Team dynamics and the impact of a watch keeping system

  • Coastal erosion

  • The Jurassic coastline

  • Celestial navigation

  • Impact of tourism in coastal regions

  • Commercial shipping

  • Military Defences of the South Coast
  • Crew management

  • Effects of yachting on the environment

  • Identification and population survey of sea birds

  • D Day Preparations, the voyage and the Normandy Beaches

DofE Sailing Expedition Areas

DofE Open Sailing Expeditions

If you book onto one of our open expeditions then you will sail in the Solent and one or two of the following areas:

  • Solent - Hampshire Coast

  • Dorset - The Jurassic Coast

  • Cross Channel - Northern France

  • Channel Islands

DofE Team Sailing Expeditions

If you come along to complete your DofE programme as a group then your team can chose the location for the assessed expedition, subject to weather and tidal contraints, of course. Irrespective of where you decide to carry out your assessed expedition, you should remember that your practice expeditions must take place in the UK.

DofE Team Sailing Expeditions UK

  • Solent - Hampshire Coast

  • Dorset

  • Cross Channel - Northern France

  • Channel Islands

DofE Team Sailing Expeditions Overseas

On specific dates we are able to offer groups the opportunity to can carry out their assessed DofE Sailing Expeditions aboard "Ocean Wanderer", our 41' Westerly Oceanlord in the following locations:

  • Brittany

  • Spain

  • Canaries

  • Azores

  • Caribbean

The location of other overseas DofE Sailing Expeditions is limited only by your imagination, budget and the availability of suitable charter yachts. The world really is your oyster. Click here to view the expedition presentation of a group who carried out their DofE sailing expedition in Sardinia

When doing your expedition with an Approved Activity Provider it is easy to to feel that lots of things are just taken care of. You should remember that this is your expedition and that you should be fully involved and engaged with its aims and objectives. We are here to help, so if you are looking for a meaningful DofE Expedition experience with a difference then call our us for a chat or Click Here to find out more about what we can offer DofE groups.

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